"I'm not starving myself..I'm perfecting my emptiness."

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well the last couple days have gone by in a blur, one marked by when I sleep and when I wake. I was down to 133 on December.... 31 I think. I'm sure I've gained so I haven't weighed myself recently. I've just been holding out until 2010 began, and I feel like it's going to be good.

I'm not one for resolutions, because I just break them. But my parents have decided to go on a healthy-eating kick and cleaned out all the junk from our pantry. Thank the lord!! Restricting and counting cals is going to be so much easier with them watching what they eat.

So I have to dish this out to you guys because I can't tell any of my friends. But on New Years I went to the "man's" house and drank. It was my first time ever and all I had was some beer. I don't know how much I actually had, I wasn't even drunk. The "man" and I played couples beer pong so I just had some of that. But we were missing a ping pong ball and used a cork, so I know it would be a lot easier with an actual ping pong ball. But I stopped soon, one of his good friends got intensely ill and I got scared so I stopped. And I helped with the barf clean-up.

Mmm so how has everyone been? I have four followers. That is so odd to me... this is normally just me talking to myself. And I know it's four and not four-hundred... but it's still four more than I thought I would get.

Stay strong ladies and gents. :)


  1. My parents are going on a health-kick too, Mum said she would go walking with me etc.. I was like yessss this is good haha, just gotta stay away from temptations! Hope you're doing well with everything :) xx

  2. yay for health food kick. :) Just be careful with alcohol... its sooo many calories. :)

  3. Isabella, I completely understand. Unfortunately it was a couple sips of beer or this sugary, fruit juice liquor-y thing. But next time I'll be more prepared with something a bit less calorie ridden.

    And Jessica, thanks! Today at lunch (ugh family meals....) we walked about running and I already do some running but my dad is going to start joining me. So now I've got someone pushing me that extra mile that I need to work off everything. ;D Stay strong my dear.

  4. Moved Bambis Bones due to complications. new blog : http://anythingelitist.blogspot.com/
    Im sending the new link to you guys who followed my last one. :)
    hope to hear from you soon!